Monday, June 23, 2008

Well Service Specialist


Minimum Requirements: Education: High school education; or completion of ITC: English, Math, MI. Experience: Well Intervention Background. Extensive experience in Snubbing Unit, Coiled-tubing, Intervention Operation and Cementing. 13-Years experience in Drilling & Workover Operations, with emphasis on Well Services Operations. Must be fluent in English speaking. Should have attended specialized courses in well control and drilling and workover practices as per API requirement. Willingness to work in situations which are uncomfortable or unpleasant.

POSITION DESCRIPTION: Responsible of performing special operations on wells such as: -Setting-up and connecting manifolds during Well Control situation as part of the Special Well Action Team. -Installing and removing back pressure valves, -Changing out khuff wellheads, testing and packing off wellhead components. -Possesses specialist knowledge in well killing and blowout procedures -may receive work direction from well services specialist I on more critical operations. -Incumbent is a member of the special well action team which is called out to deal with any emergency well situation. -The knowledge and quick response of these personnel can be responsible for the quick return to production of problem oil or gas wells resulting in thousands of barrels of production per day. Be able to Pass The IADC/Well Control Certification test.

DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES: Perform various operations during kill procedures of Khuff well and work with well services specialist to ensure that wells are left in a safe condition. Perform wellhead testing and packing off on wells. Runs and retrieves back pressure valves and other safety equipment in Khuff wells. Works as part of a crew to change out wellhead components in high pressure wells. Provides special skills in handling blowouts and other emergencies and is part of the special well action team.

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