Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Jobs for Graduates: Graduate Standardisation Examination

Careers Nigeria is proud to present The Graduate Standardisation Examination (GSE). Born at a time when corporate organizations have resorted to aptitude tests for all graduate entry level applicants, the GSE is the widely accepted standard examination that replaces aptitude tests for Member Organizations.

Today, GSE scores are accepted by a host of organisations who want to increase their quantum, speed and frequency of graduate hire. More employers are converting to the GSE standard which engenders equal opportunity, meritocracy and fairplay.

The GSE offers graduates a one stop shop for their pre-employment testing and ensures that graduates ONLY have to write one set of tests at a convenient exam centre, instead of travelling accross the country, risking their lives, writing tests for different companies, not to mention the financial costs involved.

Graduates are strongly encouraged to sign up for the Graduate Standardisation Exams and then apply for graduate jobs - as their chances of finding employment is higher with this unique service.

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