Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Makon Group needs Document and Data Controller

Document and Data Controller

The applicant must be able to handle (with Project Specific) Document and Data with respect to:

• Information Management Plan
• Document Deliverable Register DDR (per phase)
• Document Numbering / Control Procedures
• Document Review Matrix DRM
• Document Forms and Templates (Project specific)
• Tagging Philosophy (Project Specific)
• Transfer and Tracking of engineering documents/drawing

For the following phases of the project:

• Conceptual Design
• Detailed Design
• Procurement
• Fabrication
• Commissioning
• Operations

Scope of Work

-Co-ordinate the raising of changes to designs and documentation following agreed, formal procedures.
-Ensure that documents are released to the correct department and/or personnel.
-Maintain document control processes and ensure appropriate storage of soft and hard copy materials.
-Maintain the integrity of the documents; that all signatures have been obtained; all inserts are included; and that full electronic copies of text & attachments are available and stored on DMS.
-Propose solutions to modify DMS to better serve the users.
-Call for meetings/discussions to address concerns regarding non-compliancy of project requirements.
-Highlight problem areas to the relevant groups and propose solutions.
-Provide support to the Spare Parts Team to create spreadsheets for equipment tagging and upload them into DMS.
-Register all incoming drawings, correspondence and other project-related documents.
-Maintain and manage project document archives, document imaging, reproduction and distribution both on paper and electronically.
-Setting up filing systems both in HQ and Project Site.
-Define, set-up and implement Electronic Document Management System (EDMS-Livelink) and taking overall responsibility for the maintenance of the system.
-Set up and manage folder structures, document attributes, users and user permissions in EDMS.
-Ensure all processes adhere to the QA/QC procedures.
-Electronic transmission of documents in accordance to project distribution system.
-Document classification, sorting, filing, archiving and retrieval of documents in accordance to project document indexing and filing system.
-Operate the Document Management System
-Prepare project documents and data from engineering groups or suppliers and distribute them appropriately.
-Prepare project records of drawings and data.
-Receive project documents for formal issue. To order prints, collate and assemble prints and arrange for distribution.
-Collate, catalogue & disseminate Project documentation.
-Assign numbers to Project Documentation.
-Set-up Project Filing System (hardcopy & electronic).
-Sending Project Faxes, Co-ordinating reprographic duties.
-Ensure documentations are correct and up-to-date at all times, allowing rapid and efficient retrieval of documentation.
-Archiving of all relevant project documentation.

Educational Requirement

First Degree (Bsc) in any of the Engineering or Science background form a reputable university

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