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As a part of GE Installation & Field Services department TD/SX, the Mechanical Field Service Engineer is in charge of field new units installation and setting, pre-commissioning of GE equipment, maintenance and/or emergency repairing of GE/TD product as steam turbine, centrifugal compressor and reciprocating compressor.

The mechanical field service engineer has to perform the job autonomously as following description :

*To THERMODYN offices, prepare field services activities and interventions with the project managers (PM1 & PM2)

Check and validate installation and/or maintenance procedures.

Check and validate quality plant and EHS procedures as well relevant to the job which have to be performed.

*On the fields, organize and supervise installation and/or maintenance of equipment supplied and/or maintained by GE/TD according our drawings, specifications and professional best practices.

*Supervise piping interconnections on GE/TD equipment and process pipes which have to be connected on GE/TD machines.

*Supervise cabling on GE/TD equipment from junction boxes to different cubicles and/or customer DCS.

*Manage and coordinate site operations with the personnel provided by the customer and/or TD, solve all technical issues in the respect of quality and contractual aspect.

*Write weekly reports (Technical and EHS) regarding installation and/or maintenance activities and transmit to TD fulfillment offices every Friday.

*Obtain mechanical completion certificate of the equipments after solving of all pending issues according the general punch list.

*Provide feed back on time to I&FS leader and project managers by phone or by e.mail in case of major issues.

*Be customer centric and have a commercial attitude with the customer and/or his site representative.

This kind of job will be performed in relation with all employees involved in the project, NU project manager and I&FS PM as well.

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*Strong mechanical skills and specialized on turbo-machinery installation and maintenance as centrifugal compressors, steam turbine from1 to 50Mw. Good knowledge on reciprocating compressor highly appreciated.

Good knowledge of alignment & high precision leveling is absolutely necessary. Good knowledge of civil work arrangement, piping and cable laying appreciated.

*Available at any time to any where in France and abroad as well

*Good English skills (reading, speaking & writing)

*Communicator, volunteer and team spirit, good relationship with colleagues and customers as well.

*Methodical and rigorous and good knowledge of MS pack office

*Good drafter always focused on the reporting

*All necessary habilitations as electrical, chemical risks, sea survival etc

*Good knowledge of turbo-machinery as centrifugal compressors, steam turbines and their industrial environment highly appreciated


* Good knowledge of Heavy Duty and Aeroderivative Gas Turbine

* Good knowledge of Steam turbine and Centrifugal Compressor

* Knowledge of Oil & Gas Maintenance Equipment philosophy



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