Saturday, December 20, 2008

Graduates Jobs at Reckitt Benckisser Plc

To us graduates are investments for future success. In a real sense, our business depends on you, so once you’ve joined your career development is paramount. We’ll give you a unique experience. You’ll enjoy real roles delivering real results, truly international opportunities, and targets that test your abilities. It’s a steep learning curve, and you’ll be expected to use your initiative constantly. At the same time though, you will always be surrounded by a valuable pool of talented people to coach you through the tougher challenges.

You can expect your efforts and results to be well rewarded. The prizes on offer here include a global career, the genuine prospect of becoming a functional leader and the opportunity to add to the collective passion that drives our outstanding results. It’s an exciting journey, and one for which you need to be very well prepared - personally, academically and professionally.

Whether you join us in sales, marketing, finance, HR, IS, R&D, or supply chain, you’ll share certain characteristics with all our graduates. You’ll be a high achiever - both academically and in your extra-curricular activities. You’ll have senior management potential thanks to your high intellectual capacity, international perspective, creative approach and confidence. And you’ll also have a desire to develop a broad palette of business skills rather than becoming a narrowly-focused technical expert.

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