Saturday, May 24, 2008

Appitude Test/Interview Formats of some more Nigerian Banks

Bank’s Test Formats
Access Bank
The test is made up of two papers, 50 questions each and you are expected to make
at least 50% in each (25marks). Its a combination of Maths, English, Critical
Reasoning and a little bit of Current Affairs (States and Capital).
Bank PHB
Aptitude test is administered by Leading Edge Consult and it is basically a
combination test comprising about 70 questions on different test areas: Verbal,
Synonyms, Antonyms, Word analogies, Basic arithmetic, Shape comparisons, Mirror
images of wall clocks & other stuffs.There are no options in many of the questions. I
think the time is 50 mins or 1hr. Bank Phb test is very difficult. The good thing about it
is that cut off mark is as low as 30%.
The test is a booklet in 3 sections. A, B ,C , Maths (mostly Tough Fractions), like 2/3
+ 4/7 all over 7/8 - 5/7 = 5/4 -6/5 then Logic like these vivid ones being:
1. A gave hand shake to B; and B gave hand shake to C. A gave hand shake to C (
True or False)
2. If " degg is boobo and tarra is kiki, is kiki boobo?
Then Comprehension, Word and Opposite /nearest in meaning,
My advice: You must be good in Maths, Logic and must be very very FAST, Its a
tough test I must let you know, so Practice like MAD!!!!

Zenith Bank
The format is: Numerical Reasoning, Comprehension, Sentence Correction and
Critical Reasoning. There are 100 questions and 2 hours to finish up. If you can get
Barrons foreign GMAT. They use questions from foreign GMAT. Both the
comprehension, critical reasoning, and the rest. The questions will be very
voluminous and you have to read fast.


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