Saturday, May 24, 2008

Appitude Test/Interview Formats of most Nigerian Banks

Diamond Bank
Diamond test lasts for 1hr. It comprises 3 parts:
Part I
Simple Maths (1-10)
Chart/Graph Interpretation/Analysis (11-15)
Part II
English (1-10), e.g White:Black, Up: ?
Sentence completion/Appropriate fill in (11-15)
Part III
Critical/Logic Reasoning (1-10)
Series/Sequence (11-15)
Time is defintely short. There's no -ve marking, read the instructions carefully,
SCORE HIGH (because I think there cut-off is high)
Be careful to listen to the interview tips, immediately after the test (Very Important)

Ecobank test is really tough and challenging. You really need to prepare very well
because it's interpretation of graph throughout. It's like CAMBRIDGE EXAM. Anyway,
people still pass it and you just have to prepare very well. Nothing is difficult if one
prepares very well.

Equitorial Trust Bank
They are SAT related questions,the maths is the most difficult and time wasting
because they are logical reasonings: For the English we have Comprehension,
Sentence Correction, Verbal Reasoning. You have 30mins for the English of 40
questions and 30mins for the Maths, 30 questions. The test format is numerical
reasoning, graphical interpretation,then verbal reasoning. Just go to
Their test is purely shapes, series i.e. 2, 4, --, 10 you understand what I mean? And
GMAT English. The limiting factor is time constraint, you need to be fast but do not
guess as there is negative marking. You have to compare symbols and choose which
is the opposite of the original from options given.
I think its called quantitative aptitude.

Fidelity Bank
It consists of verbal and quantitative reasoning questions. The Maths questions are
easy and the Verbal questions are just passages, sentence completions and the
likes. Read your GMAT 2007 or anyone and you are good to go.

First Bank
They have 100 questions. But the time is very short.
The first part is a long comprehension, which one could possibly spend at least 15
minutes on. It has only 10 questions. This part is time consuming, avoid starting on
this part. People who started on the first section didn't finish up to 60 questions at the
end of the test.
The second part is English (Verbal reasoning). It requires a bit of thinking, although
its fairly easy. Don't start here as well.
The third part is Math. They are simple as well, but the chances are that you might
spend over 1 minute working out each answer. If the format is as before, you are also
adviced not to start with this.
The forth part is on Current Affairs, with a multiple answer style. This is easier and
you spend lesser time.
The fifth (final) part is on Critical reasoning. This is also very easy. It is a maximum of
60mins or 80mins. You will only use writing materials like pencil, cleaner and maybe
a pen. Calculators are usually not allowed and you will be provided a plain sheet to
work out your answers.


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