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Job Interview tips/Formats for Banks,Companies

Bank Test/Interview Formats

Guaranty Trust Bank
their test format is in three parts. You have Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning
and Grahical Interpretation. All they need is your accuracy how u can think on the
spot.They are usually simple questions but the challenge is you have 24mins for 80
questions. So you have to be fast in thinking.

It is more of GMAT. About 20 GMAT Mathematics and English. Some 'Nearest in
meaning' English as well and you will be asked to work some mathematics without
options i.e. no multiple-choice objective in them. know the meaning of words likeloquacious,

Intercontinental Bank
Their format is GMAT. It contains Maths and English. 100 questions. Go and look for
IEC Gmat text book:2004 edition. I heard it is scarce in the market. If you get the text
book, craM all the questions and answers. All their question were lifted from
there.(Word for Word); Cut off is 80%

Oceanic Bank
Oceanic bank test is 70 questions to be answered in 60 minutes. 15 Maths,
Comprehension 10, Grammar 20, Current affairs 15 and business questions 10. Just
relax and put in your best. Pass mark is 50% which is 35 out of the 70.

Skye Bank
The test format is 80 questions comprising Maths, Verbal Reasoning, Spatial
Orientation, Lateral Reasoning and 1 essay. all in 1hr 15mins.

Spring Bank
Their questions are usually from G-Mat, practice your G-mat, 2003,2004,2005,2006,
infact any G-mat at your reach because that is where their questions usually come
from. Meanwhile its always English and Mathematics.

Standard Chartered Bank
This is the test format. Maths Section is simply graphical interpretation. You need to
work on that. 70 questions. The English section is very simple. You will be given a
passage and you will be asked to interprete. 75 Questions. Try and score up to 80%.
That is their cut of mark.

Just read your GMAT. Then also have an idea bout current affairs, e.g. Who's d
senate president, when was nations/africans cup played and in which country, Who's
Bank PHB's MD(sounds strange for UBA, right?); The test is simple: Maths, English
and Current Affairs. Maths is 15 questions, English is 15 questions, Current Affairs is
20 questions.

Wema bank
Their test is a total of 80 Questions,consisting of two parts. MGTH1 and QLRT1, 40
questions each. You have to be very fast since you have 40 minutes for each part.
The test is conducted by WAEC. The MGTH1 is made of GMAT, English and
General Information. Then the 2nd part is made of Maths, logical reasoning and
critical reasoning. The test is not easy so you have to study hard for it.


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