Sunday, June 22, 2008

Aircraft Captain


MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Federal Aviation Administration Airline Transport Pilot Certificate with required ratings. FAA First Class Medical Certificate. A minimum of 3000 hours of total flight time, and eight (8) years active flying experience. Must hold FAA type rating on assigned aircraft, and successfully completed all Saudi Aramco required ground and flight training. Must have a comprehensive knowledge of flight procedures, radio procedures, navigation, weather and geography of the Middle East. Must be acquainted with the laws and regulations pertaining to flight clearances, air freight, and passengers in countries where Company aircraft may be operated. Excellent command of written and oral English.

DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsible for complete knowledge of operating procedures in aircraft assigned to operate. Performs duties as may be assigned by the Chief Pilot and/or Fleet Captain. Performs, as assigned, standby duty for approximately 24 hours per week.


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