Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Anesthesia Technician I


Position Description Performs and documents safety check of Anesthesia Machines in Surgery and Delivery Suite every morning prior to use to ensure that all systems are functional. Sets up, programs, calibrates, and may operate some of the following equipment: i) Modulus and Modulus II Anesthesia Machines with Ventilator and Ventilator 7000, and Tec 3 & Tec 4 Vaporizers. ii) Hewlett Packard EKG, Temperature and 2 channel pressure monitor & Recorder.
iii) Critikon Oxygen Monitor iv) Ohmeda Pulse Oximeter, Volume Monitor, O2 Monitor 5120 & 5100 v) Ultrasonic Doppler Flow Detector vi) Critikon Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor (DYNAMAP) vii) Nerve Stimulators (Muscle Relaxant Monitor) viii) McGaw Blood & Fluid Warmer ix) Gorman Rupp Temperature Control System x) IVAC Fluid Infuser xi) IVAC Syringe Pump xii) Fibroptic Laryngoscope xiii) Arterial Pressure Transducers xiv) Central Venous Pressure Line Recognize and corrects minor mechanical problems on all anesthesia equipment, makes adjustments as required and replaces depleted or worn out components such as EKG and print out paper and batteries.

Liaises with Clinical Engineering by making available to them the equipment that is due for preventive maintenance or repairs and ensuring that an interim replacement is available. Disassembles, cleans, sterilizes and reassembles intricate devices used in anesthesia such as C02 absorber system, vaporizer, blood pressure monitoring system and anesthesia ventilators. Refills anesthesia vaporizers with appropriate anesthetic as required. Under direct order and supervision will draw up and administer intra-venous drugs. Assists with orientation and teaching of Anesthesia Technician II. Gives advice and work direction.

Performs in-service for Anesthesia staff when new equipment arrives. Organizes anesthesia work areas (Operating Room and Delivery Suites) at Dhahran Health Center and other areas such as Al-Hasa. Implements management of fire and disaster plan drills or unusual work situations by assisting Chief Anesthesiologist. Makes verbal reports to Chief Anesthesiologist regarding any unusual problems with Anesthesia and monitoring equipment. Will work outside normal hours to perform safety check of anesthesia machines, to re-supply delivery suite, and for preventive maintenance of anesthesia machines. Prepares requisitions for signature of Chief Anesthesiologist for Storehouse and Pharmacy supplies and for Clinical Engineering and other maintenance work requests. Disassembles, cleans and disinfects mannequins used in C.P.R. classes; re-assembles mannequins and tests for correct function; sets up class room used in teaching C.P.R. to Specialty Physicians. Performs other duties as assigned by the Chief Anesthesiologist.

Selection Criteria Completion of ITC: English (E6) and Math (MB) and one year of training as Nurse, Operating Room or Anesthesia Technician. 5 years of related work experience in a Hospital with experience in the use of Physiological monitoring systems used in an operating room. Two years of experience in the Anesthesia Division at D.H.C. Must read, write and speak English sufficiently to carry out duties properly and promptly and be familiar with names of Anesthesia Equipment, Pharmacological agents and surgical procedures. Must have knowledge of Sterile Technique to be able to assist without contaminating the sterile field during surgery.

Comments The Anesthesia Technician I will be responsible for the day to day care of all electro-mechanical apparatus within the Division and for documented safety check of the Anesthesia machines daily. Will be responsible for highly technical tasks such as setting up, calibrating and programming specialized monitoring equipment.

Will be able to recognize and correct minor mechanical problems, make adjustments as required and replace depleted or worn out components of monitoring devices. Will liaise with Clinical Engineering to ensure that preventive maintenance on Anesthesia apparatus is performed on schedule and that back-up repair service for major repairs is available. Will disassemble, clean, sterilize and re-assemble intricate monitoring and anaesthetizing devices.

Will assist with the orientation and training of Anesthesia Technician II. Will assist the Chief Anesthesiologist with daily scheduling of duties and with the preparation of the monthly on-call schedule as well as vacation and holiday schedules. Will prepare forms for signature of Chief Anesthesiologist for ordering supplies from the Storehouse and Pharmacy and for Clinical Engineering and other maintenance work requests.


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