Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Job description :
As part of the Project Team the successful candidate will perform the following duties:

1. Ensure that the Contractor’s construction and all HSE procedures and relevant regulations are enforced on the yard diligently.

2. Ensure that all construction activities are reported in line with the SPS and project procedures.

3. Act as the focus and Single Point Of Contact for COMPANY on the Worksite

4. Ensure the correct level of quality on the worksite and work with CONTRACTOR to achieve project requirement with regards to QA

5. Enforce the Contract on the Worksite and promptly report to hierarchy on any HSE, Quality and Progress issues as they occur in order to ensure that appropriate decisions and actions can be taken promptly and effectively.
Required skills :
Education :
The successful candidate must have at least a Bachelor of Science OR HND degree in Civil/Mechanical engineering with knowledge and experience in welding, structural and piping construction.
Experience :
The successful candidate must have at least 5 years professional experience in Oil and Gas construction (welding, lifting, testing) and yard supervision,most preferably on a project in an oil and gas company.
Skills :
The successful candidate must have the following skills:

- Excellent planning & organizational skills
- Excellent interpersonal skills
- Good oral & written communication skills
- Good presentation skills
- Excellent negotiating skills

In addition, s/he will be expected to:
- know all HSE requirements.
- have basic knowledge of QC
- know how the subsea equipment operates
- know the sequence of fabrication for structural and piping Engineering.



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