Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hapel (Nigeria) Limited - JOB OPPORTUNITIES

In developing economies (Nigeria inclusive) the main thrust of government policy is the provision of improved infrastructure. There are therefore always new frontiers to break and environmental problems to be solved.

Since 1975, Hapel has been among the front runners of indigenous construction companies in carrying out these developmental plans. As a result, we have become one of the leading indigenous contracting companies in Nigeria.There is a clear defined culture of engineering excellence in Hapel which has aided our prosperity. We have witnessed many administrative changes in Nigeria and successfully spurred them all.

Our operations are mainly Nigeria based but foresee expanding beyond our national base in due course.Our contacts and association with international companies and personalities provide the benchmark we have in quality assurance in the construction industry.
Our response to global challenges in modern construction is that of specialization in the different components of materials engineering. Hapel Roadstone Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hapel Nigeria Limited, is envisaged to constitute a leading supply chain of road stones (pre-cast concretes, granites and asphalt) to Hapel Nigeria Limited in the nearest future.

Hapel plant is another subsidiary of the Hapel group that puts together all the engineering plant and machinery in a professional manner with a focus of providing required equipment needs of Hapel Nigeria Limited, hence enabling us to face to construction challenges with equanimity.


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